Friday, July 11, 2008

Mixset Rave Grohl @ Club Noord

Yeah! Finally a new set :) Recorded during the fabulous opening night of Club Noord in Antwerp.

Download here: Part 1 and Part 2

The tracklisting:

MSTRKRFT - Street Justice
Federico Franci - Cream
Daft Punk - Teachers
Surkin - Radio Fireworks ( Surkin 909 Edit )
The Migrants - I Thought That ( Boris Dlugosch Remix )
Goose - Bring It On ( MSTRKRFT JFK Remix )
Tegan And Sara - Back In Your Head ( Morgan Page Mix )
Tocadisco - Morumbi
CSS - Let's Make Love ( Streetlife DJ's Rappinhood Mix )
Blondie - Heart Of Glass ( Electro Disco Mix )
The Cribs - Men's Needs ( CSS Mix )
Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow ( Soulwax Remix )
Goose - Low Mode ( Surkin Mode )
Radioclit - Divine Gosa ( Brodinski Mix )
Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor ( LA Riots vs Villains )
Black Eyed Peas - Mas Que Nada ( Tocadisco Mix )
Josh Wink - Higher State Of Consciousness ( Dirty South TV Rock Mix )
Boys Noize - Oh!
Timbaland - The Way I Are
Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back ( acapella )
SebastiAn - Walkman
Daft Punk - Technologic
Hey Today! - Walk Away
SebastiAn - Dog ( Choreo Edit )
Metallica - Enter Sandman
Robot Needs Oil - Defected
Dusty Kid - The Cat
Bobmo - Rock The
Mighty Dub Katz - Magic Carpet Ride ( Claude Von Stroke Remix )
Adam Sky - We're All Prostitutes ( Crookers Remix )
Boys Noize - & Down ( Extended )
Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name
Brodinski - Bad Runner
Justine Elektra - Killalady ( Surkin Remix )


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Report: Rage Against The Machine @ Sportpaleis, Antwerp

Everyone must have some kind of a Best Concert - Top 10, but the thing is: how do you decide which goes on top and why? I have to say, I've seen a lot of gigs the last 15 years, and had some very special moments: Billy Joe Armstrong singing 'Time Of Your Life" in his underwear while the full Green Day-equipment (including amps and drums) literally goes up in flames behind him at the end of a crazy show, Faithless at AB and Pinkpop (check out the second half of the "God Is A Dj"-music video, taped during that gig, still glad I was there :)), Muse at a private showcase for 500 people in Brussels, Smashing Pumpkins in Ghent some 10 years ago, Madonna in Amsterdam, the Peppers in a small venue in Paris, Tool at Ozzfest, Beastie Boys at Rock Werchter '98, The Prodigy at Torhout '96, Junkie XL in Cactus Club, Nine Inch Nails in AB, and I'm probably forgetting a bunch.

One I'll never forget and ranked very high in my personal top 10 is Rage Against The Machine in '94 in Torhout: 4 guys in a Red Devils-shirt (we still played the world cup back then) walking on stage hand in hand, before dropping a massive bomb on the crowd... What a gig! My only (lucky me) near-death experience I ever had, trapped in the crazy crowd, gasping for air, but it was worth it.

And yesterday, they were back: they rocked back then, today they rock more than ever! From the first notes of "Testify" untill the final riff of "Killing In the Name": a blast of energy, turning the Sportpaleis in one giant moshpit & sauna. It took me only two songs to be exhausted (I'm not 21 any more, oh no), but the music and the fantastic crowd gave me the energy to hold on untill the very end. I don't recall the tracklist, but they must have played about all of their hits. Maybe Phantom can help me out here with his report ;)

Some impressions: (didn't shoot any vids myself this time, no occasion to do so ;))

Crowd going wild during "Testify" at the start of the concert:



"Killing In The Name":

Some more things:

The crowd was really amazing, never seen so much people going wild, but being so friendly at the same time. To the crowdsurfer who landed in my neck and apologized twice: no probs, dude, no permanent damage :). To the guy who lost his glasses and was protected by 10 guys while looking for them: hope you've found them unharmed. To the girl and boy I've launched crowdsurfing but didn't get far: hope your backs don't hurt too much today. To the girl who didn't let go of my arm during the first 5 minutes of the gig: hope you survived ;)

Oh, and I finally have that molotov-shirt I wanted since back in the mid nineties :) Although the 'Battle Of Antwerp" - shirts were very neat too... The fact that I was soaking wet was a very good excuse. (my pants and shirt still aren't dry...)

I guess this Rage - concert will be on top of my 'Best Concert' - top 10. If I ever decide to make one... I'm still hurting all over my body, but it was totally worth it, just like back in '94!  One more time: Rage rules!!!

PS: some Dutch critic gave the Rage-concert at Pinkpop only a 6/10 "because it was slow, musically not OK, all songs sounded the same" and thought Rage was something for Pinkpop Classic. Huh!??? 60.000 people at Pinkpop, and 15.000 at Antwerp proved you wrong, mister!

Monday, May 19, 2008

R.E.S.P.E.C.T.: The Dukes' new mixtape

They've talking about it for months, but here it is: "It Tastes Like Brussels Sprouts, Only Better", the new mix of The Dukes. Tons of great tracks, a nice blend of rock, elektro and even bits of mainstream beats from the time David Hasselhoff was chasing big boobed chicks on the Californian beaches! With this mix, The Dukes almost remind of my ultimate mashup - heroes The Cut Up Boys, but they'll have to eat some more sprouts to compete with them ;-) 

Nevertheless: great piece of work, guys!

Full tracklisting on the official The Dukes - blog

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Report: Justice @ AB, Brussel - Elektro is the new Rock N' Roll

Yesterday evening, it became crystalclear to me: elektro is the new rock n' roll. Or at least a perfect cross-over. The cross of Justice between a massive wall of Marshall - amplifiers, tracks of Rage ('Killing In The Name'), Rammstein ('Du Hast') and Metallica ('Master Of Puppets') in the mix, a crowd that loves to rock on the unique sound of Ed Banger's biggest. It was the fourth time I was at a Justice-show, and it must have been the best. They turned the (hot!) Ancienne Belgique upside down with their classics, came up with some suprising mash-ups ('We are your friends' vs Rammstein, see the video below) and both Gaspard and Xavier definately had fun watching the crowd go wild. Only negative point: the show was too short: 75 minutes? This can be better!
Nevertheless, I really enjoyed yesterday's show! For the festivalpeople: check them out at Pinkpop or Rock Werchter!

The videos:



Stress (Auto-remix):

We Are Your Friends vs Rammstein / Waters Of Nazareth:

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bombtrack: SebastiAn - Dog

After a quiet weekend (scratching in the garden, watching a couple of movies with a glass of wine or scotch), the return to the working week came with a blast. After reading Phantom's review of the new Ed Banger Compilation (Vol 3), my attention was drawn by the new SebastiAn-track, 'Dog' and... oh my!!! Talking about a bomb: the typical SebastiAn-sound mixed with a heavy metal-riff and screams, I just love it! Probably soon in a mixset near you ;) Listen and download the original and the Choreo-edit below!

SebastiAn - Dog (Choreo-edit):


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


As heard last Saturday during The Bloody Beetroots-set: the brand new MSTRKRFT-track 'VUVUVU'! (you can have a taste of it at the end of the Beetroots-vid I posted in my Polsslag-report). The rumor is out that a second album of MSTRKRFT is coming up this year (hallelujah!), and probably this other new track, 'Bounce', will be on it as well, although a bit atypical for the Canadian duo.
And for the heck of it: let's throw in two great remixes too: Kylie's 'Wow' and Jesse Mc Cartney's 'Leavin''. Watch and download below: enjoy!

VUVUVU with moving images:

Wow! This guy cut the new Kylie-clip in 250 pieces and edited it to match the MSTRKRFT-remix:


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pukkelpop 2008 line-up: first names

My ears are still buzzing from Polsslag, and there they are: the first load of names for Pukkelpop. You can find (if you have some time ;)) all names on the official site, below some highlights and acts I'll probably check out, if I'm in Belgium mid August, that is:

The Bloody Beetroots: oh yeah, I'd love to see a rerun of their Polsslag-performance in a packed Boiler Room.

Crookers: never seen them before, but heard a lot of good. Like their remixes, especially the AC/DC-remake.

Brodinski: loved him at Les Transardentes earlier this year, and will probably check him out next Saturday in Petrol, Antwerp. If so, report will follow ;)

Yuksek: live? Let's go! Maybe his pal Brodinski will join him on stage.

Dusty Kid: also live, love his 'The Cat', and curious about more.

Radioclit: only know 'Divine Gosa', which makes me bounce, so let's check them out too.

Tocadisco: let's check out that new album! And the great remixes.

Uffie & Feadz, DJ Mehdi, SebastiAn: are these the first names of an Ed Banger - night @ Pukkelpop? Let's pray it is... Oh, and SebastiAn: PLEASE bring some new records!

Miss Kittin & The Hacker, Simian Mobile Disco: for the sake of good live dance music.

The Cribs: one of last years revelations, according to a collegue one of the best albums of last year, so I'm pretty curious.

Danko Jones: if you look up rock 'n roll in the dictionary, these guys' picture is next to it.

Metallica: two fingers in the air, three beers in the other hand and bashing out that last bit of energy you have left after three long days...

Looking forward to it :)